Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Aug. 25, 2013

hey guys!!
Great week this last week we had our 3 baptisms!!!! Everything went super great and it was probably the best baptismal service i've had in my whole mission we had invitations and everything for it. I'm officialy not to happy though about courtnee going to an eagles bears game without me but i guess i'll be fine;) WE have done great here in turrialba this month. We had 5 baptisms in our ward and only 1 baptism from the missionaries in paraiso. I don't know what to do to help them. I've been trying so hard to help them get excited and have more trust and faith in God that they will have success. I know that we can all have success we just need to work hard. The goal for the mission next month is 200 baptisms. We've been getting a bout 150 the last 3 months. Which when we first accomplished 150 that was the most that this mission had ever had but i know that we can do better. Costa Rica is so prepared and blessed right now. Now is the time to harvest not later but now. And i'm just so happy and grateful to be a part of it.
I love you guys tons and hope you have a great time in Vegas!!

Love Drake

Aug. 18, 2013

hey guys!!!
No we didn't have the baptisms because there this week!! Elder Moran is really cool and we now actually have a family preparing for baptism for the 14th of september. THis week was really good even though we only had 22 lessons. We have found a lot of people that really want to change. And who really want to listen. Not much happening though haha. I'm really starting to love the scriptures now and see the importance of them in the conversion process. But anyways sorry i don't have much to say this week but we got back to turrialba late so i have little time to talk and still have to write president but i love you guys so much and hope that all is well with everyone.

Love Elder Drake Anderson

Aug. 11, 2013

Hey guys. My companion had changes. But everything is alright because i have been blessed to recieve such a great companion. His name is Elder Moran. He is from El Salvador and has 4 months in the mission. He is a super hard worker. These last four days we have seen so many miracles. This investigator that we were teaching didn't want to go to church becuase he's smoking marijuana and his girlfriend kicked him out of the house and won't let him see his daughter so he was just torn a part. so for those reasons he didn't want to make any commitments because he was afraid of making a mistake afterwards. But we had the most amazing lesson. We had something else planned but i felt strongly that we had to talk about the atonement. So we changed the topic. And i know that that was what we had to teach because the spirit was so strong in that lesson. And my companion shared such a great scripture with him. And then we both felt like we needed to challenge him to be baptized for the 31st so we did it and he accepted!!! THen even though he told us at the start of the lesson he wasn't going to pray he offered the closing prayer. And during the prayer the spirit was so strong that we all started to cry. 
I testify that the Holy Ghost can comfort anyone. I know that he is going to get baptized now because of the spirtual comfirmation that he's had. And this is my favorite part of the mission. 
THis next saterday we're going to have 3 baptisms and the saterday after that he will get baptized. I love this area so much. And i hope that i will be able to stay here for 2 changes with Elder Moran because he's seriously the best. 
Thank you guys so much for your love your examples and your support. I am so grateful to have such a great family and friends. I love you all so much.

Elder Drake Anderson

Aug. 5, 2013

Hey guys!! Wow i totally forgot about the family reunion. Good thing though because if not i would have totally been homesick. But i'm glad to here that you guys had a great time and that a ton of people came. I can't believe that there was 320 people there. This week was pretty good! There was a baptism in the district. And we should have another one this week. And me and my companion are looking at 3 or 4 people that will probably get baptized this month. 
We're now trying to find more and more people every week so that we can have about 4 or more baptisms every month. 
My companion is so great. I've learned so much from him. I'm not looking forward to changes this thursday. I can't believe how fast the time is passing by here. I now have 1 year since i came to costa rica. And i dread how fast the day is coming that i have to leave this wonderful country. And most of all these wonderful people. 
There really is nothing like serving a mission. I would never give this up for anything. For darbi i want you to just keep on preparing. Get ready for the mission because i promis you that it's not worth wasting even one moment of your mission. The time out here is so sacred. 
I love turrialba now. The people here are just so cool. haha and we have so many members that are just so willing to help us out all of the time. And it's just so pretty and chill here. It's nice to be out of the city again.
Oh ya tuday as a zona we went to play paintball. and i would send you guys some fotos but an elder dropped my camera while he was taking a picture of our team and it broke. So this week i'm going to see if i can find an electronics store where maybe they can repair it. 
But ya that is what happend this week and i'll let you guys know if we had changes or know but have a great week. I love all of you guys and thank you so much for all the support.

Elder Drake Aanderson

July 27, 2013

Hey guys we actually had a great week as a district. My companion and me put 5 baptismal dates this week which was a big step for us. But we have planned to invite even more this week. This last week i had the oppurtunity to have a interview with President Wilkinson. He is so awesome!! I just feel super inspired everytime that i get to talk with him. Then the next day one of the Assistants came and worked in our area with us. Another day of inspiration. I learned so much from him. 
The District is doing great! We had 50 lessons this week with a member present as a district!! Which is like 20 more than i've ever seen before with this group of missionaries. I'm truly blessed to have such great missionaries in my district. I'm going to be sad if i have to lose any of them this next week in changes. 
It's starting to rain a ton here. And the umbrella that i bought got stolen so ya haha it's been kinda a wet week for me. But everything is good. We have about 3 or more people looking really good for this next month that could get baptized. We just need to work hard with them and try to include the ward more in the mission work.
We didn't have our capacitation this last saterday because there was a relief society activity instead. But that activity went weel land we're looking forward for the next oppurtunity we have to teach peopl about preach my gospel. 
I can't believe how fast the time is passing. 
I'm so grateful everyday for the blessings that the Lord has given me. And for all the support and love you guys have shown me.

Love Elder Anderson

July 22, 2013

Wow this week was a huge let down. This was the first time i didn't have more than 22 lessons in 6 months. but me and my companion learned a ton duriing this week. and we're excited to go to work this week. I never really had time to go get my toe looked at but i've been treating it kinda haha. And it's gotten a lot better actually. It doesn't hurt to walk anymore!!!! I got the package and thank you guys so much for all the stuff i love having the little preach my gospel now i can carry it around with me everywhere! Good news tho is that the activity turned out to be super great and super fun. We only had about 30 people show up but we got about 10 references from the activity and have FHE scheduled for the next 3 weeks with new investigators. More good news my district might have 5 baptisms this week which would put us at 6 baptisms for july 1 more than our goal of 5. Then the next month i'm hoping to accomplish the goal of excellency which is 4 baptisms every companionship every month which means that we would have 16 baptisms every month as a district. I know that we can do it because we have found 138 investigators so far this month we just need to have more faith and invite all of them to get bapitzed the first visit. THat's been our big problem as a district not putting baptismal dates in the first visit. Our investigators will never progress or do anything if we don't invite them to. I love being a missionary it's so great being able to help people be happy and feel the love that God has for them. 
Well this next week i'll be doing divisions for 2 days in paraiso because i have to go do 3 baptismal interviews there and then another one here in turrialba. So 4 interviews this week. I'm always super nervous for interviews. But during them that feeling goes away. Instead of that feeling i feel so happy to see the change in these peoples lives and to see how excited they are to change everything and give up so many habits to make this covenant of baptism with the Lord. 
There is no feeling greater than this. and it makes me so sad to see how fast the time is passing. next week i'll have 1 year in costa rica. and 14 months in the mision. But that just meens that i have to work as hard as i can for the next 10 months. I can't and won't let anything hold me back. I love this work so much. The Gospel is True. I Also love hearing about all the people that are going on the mission and can't wait till darbi get's out there. 
I love you guys so much. Thank you all for all the support and love that you have given and shown me.

Love Elder Drake Anderson

July 15,2013

Hey guys. Wow what an interesting week. Almost all of our plans fell through this week so we only had 22 lessons. and i feel like this week won't be much better because i'll probably have to go to san jose because i have the worst ingrown toenail i've ever seen haha so i'll probably have to go get that taken care of haha. But we did come up with some great plans last week and find some really good people. TOmorrow we'll probably put 6 baptismal dates. And that is our big goal right now and every week to put baptismal dates with everyone in the first visit because we've been slaking on that. We also started having preach my gospel classes every other saturday. And activities the saturdays we don't have class. The first class we had went super well and i feel like a lot of people enjoyed it and we're stoked for the activity this week. We're going to play like a human size monopoly kind of haha. We're going to have a huge die and then in every space they have to do some tipe of challenge. SOme of them will have to do with missionary work. Sorry i don't have much time to talk but i'm glad to hear every thing is going well and hope that you guys have a great week. Love you all.

Elder Drake Anderson

July7, 2013

Hey guys well this week was a lot better. We got to work this week! WE found 10 new investigators and taught 25 lessons which is 8 more than they've ever had in this area and this week we plan on getting the 30 lessons this week. Wow super tough being district leader here. But learning a ton at the same time! My companion is Elder Obaldia and he is from panama. He is probably the most humble person i've ever met. Really he is so great. Didn't have the greatest trainer but he still dominates. We're just working on the teaching together now. A lot of practicing so that we can teach fluidly. Then in my district there is Elder Reyes (El Salvador he was in cañas with me) his companion Elder Pugh (washington) then Hermana Ponce(Honduras) her companion Hermana Watkins( Arizona) then Herman Tippits(Utah) and her companion Hermana Patrick( Florida her dad was the stake president on the broadcast from 2 sundays ago) But ya that's my district they0re all super great missionaries! We found 45 new investigators as a district this week but we only invited 9 out of those 45 to get baptized. So only 20 percent. Which is super low we should be challenging every person in the very first visit! So that's the challenge as the district and what we're going to put a focus on is putting baptismal dates with everyone!
I do like turrialba a ton! And the cool thing is that Ivon from Tibás has a sister that lives here who isn't a member so Ivon is going to come down here and we're going to teach her!!! Which will be super awesome!! Sorry i totally forgot the connector for the camera so i can't pass fotos this week. but next week i'll try to remember. 
Our ward is good we just got to get the people to work with us more because it's always the same 3 people. So we're going to have a preach my gospel class every saturday and we hope that we'll have some people show up. Then we're going to use this class to get some references and also to help them feel more comfortable to share the gospel with there friends. but ya that's the plan!
But ya that's basically what happened this week. I also heard that Nuary in Tibas is going to get baptized and three of my families that we taught are going to get baptized too. And two of those families will have a wedding as well. 9 baptisms!
But ya love you guys ton! The gospel is true!!!

Elder Anderson

Monday, July 1, 2013

June 30, 2013

Hey guys.
I unfortunately had changes this week. It was one of the hardest things i've ever had to do in my life. I love the people in tibas so much. It was awful to have to call them and tell them i had changes. I've never felt like this before. And i don't like it either. But i know that God has purpose for me here in Turrialba. Although it has been super hard to leave my beloved friends, converts, and families behind, i will do all that i can to help build the Lords kingdom here. I'm District leader here. There are 4 elders and 4 hermanas in the district. 2 wards. Our ward has an attendence of about 130 or more everyweek. I came here and it was pretty dry our area and with basically nothing. Haha i was a little frusterated but i just moved on and went to work. I've learned now when things don't go as you want to you just have to trust in the Lord and git er done! Sorry i haven't been able to send you much pictures but i will send you some next week. And i have some sweet ones from today. We went to a waterfall. It was super sick. About an hour long hike. it was also super extreme. we had to bring a rope to help us go down and up the mountain. My ward here is super awesome they are all really chill people. I just hope they're ready to help us out a lot more. Turrialba is pretty hot and humid and kind of out in the country. Which is kinda of a reminder of cañas. But anyways i love this work so much and i know that what all the missionaries around the world are teaching is true. That God does love us his children. And that blessings will come through living by the principles of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. 

Elder Anderson

June 24, 2013

Hey guys! Wow what a wonderful week we had last week. We ended up finishing the week off with 39 lessons!! 16 more than i've ever had in a week in my whole mission! We had 2 great young priests who did splits with us for 3 days. We ended up racking 30 of the 39 in those 3 days. I also went on divisions with Elder Chisholm in my District. He's from mississippi and he's been with me since he started the mission 3 changes ago. He's a great guy but has had some really difficult challenges. So we've been fasting together and trying to see what we can do with his area. And we came to the decision that they need to strengthen their ward and try to work with more references because knocking doors does not work in their area. And the broadcast from yesterday really supported our decision. 
My district. We did have 6 elders about 2 weeks ago. But president sent one of them home last week which was really hard. He did need to go home because he was being disobedient but it's always hard to see people go home. But this week we'll be getting some hermanas in zurqui. So that will give us 4 elders and 2 hermanas. And i go on divsions at least once every week. Oh ya we have changes this week we'll know one wednesday who has changes then on thursday to our new areas. i really hope that i don't have changes i love this area so much. 
Oh ya also this week we saw a miracle. Our golden family that we love so much had been having a problem. The husband didn't want to get married. And over that past 3 weeks he and his wife had been praying and he felt like that was what they needed to do. So tomorrow we're going to talk about the papers that they need to do to get a passport then put a date for their marriage and for their baptism. 
But ya i love it here so much. Vianney our convert is the best lady in the whole world. She basically teaches us now. we had such a special lesson with her where she told us that we need to fast more so that we can be more strengthened spiritually. She fasts every week. Then she told us that she prays for us everyday and always includes us in her fast. When she told us that the spirit was so strong that it was impossible for me to hold back the tears. She has been such a great example for me out here on the mission. 
I love the mission. I love the Ticos of Costa Rica. And i love the Lord and for the chance i have to be part of the most important work in the world.
Love you guys

Love Elder Drake Anderson